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About Pyne

Pyne was established in 2004 with the ethos of attracting like minded individuals to participate in a productive trading environment. Its holistic approach has allowed experienced traders to blossom as well as being able to nurture those who are at a formative point in their trading career.

Pyne's main area of expertise lies in equity index futures, STIR’s and fixed income futures and its lead traders have experienced and learned from all the major economic events of the last 10 years- whether market movement is event driven, technically led or of a more fundamental nature this experience enables the management team to guide and develop any individual’s level of expertise.

We believe in enabling the individual to optimise their individual performance through the provision and dissemination of information which is augmented by a focus on the subtler aspects of trading such as money management .

We also have experience in other asset classes including individual equities and foreign exchange and believe we can apply the core values and techniques to any market to which we can gain market access.
We are looking for like minded individuals who have a degree of entrepreneurship to partner with to fund, part-fund or facilitate their trading ideas.